Life Coaching and Mentorship

Life coaching offers a ‘life line’ in the fast paced high demand world we currently live.  While self-help has become  a common phenomenon, I believe change tends to be more lasting when working with the support of a coach or mentor.  A coach or mentor is able to help clients explore their blind spots and look at a situation or belief from a different perspective.  I find, as a coach and mentor, this external lens can help clients dive into the healing space most needed for self-understanding, growth, and transformation.  The lineage in which I have been trained incorporates spiritual well-being in the focus of our work together enabling clients to deepen in, broaden, and sometimes experience in a fresh way the religious and/or spiritual faith that “anchors” them. Coaching combined with spiritual mentorship helps create a bridge between the mystical and the practical to enrich and optimize your experience of life.

Mentorship Programs at Aum Holistic Healing ArtsOur 5-month program, Igniting the Path of the Heart, serves as a powerful platform for working with clients. What’s the benefit of a 5-month program? Committing to a 5-month period of personal growth with customized individual support provides the opportunity to dive in deep and truly enact the change you wish to experience in your life. An integrated approach that weaves together coaching/mentoring and energetic healing benefits clients in a truly unique way. The program serves as a cradle for growth that is precious and deeply transformative.

As this is a mutually agreed upon relationship with clients that tends to foster a more intimate and personal connection, the number of clients enrolled in the 5-month program at any given time is limited to a select 5.

Supporting people deepen their spiritual connection, find and embrace peace and joy in their lives, connect with their heart, and manifest their dreams and life purpose. This is my greatest joy and honor as a spiritual wellness mentor and life coach.

What is Mentorship?

Mentorship supports you in living a full and meaningful life. When challenges arise or you feel  ‘stuck’ in life – be it business, relationships, personal development, health and healing, or spirituality – a mentor supports you to gain clarity, identify creative solutions to overcome perceived obstacles, and to effectively create a bridge to your desired goal, dream, or vision.

Please note mentoring is not a substitute for mental health counseling.  It can work together with and compliment counseling.  Mentoring also works well with other healing modalities such as Chinese medicine, allopathic Western medicine, naturopathy, chiropractic, homeopathy, and art therapy, to name a few.

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