To schedule a phone/Skype or a Seattle-based appointment, please follow the steps below.  Please take note of the cancellation policy below.

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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine appointments in Wallingford may be made by contacting Emily directly via email or phone: (952) 356-6936.  If you know you would like to have treatments at Natural Rhythms Integrative Medicine (NRIM), you may book via this weblink.  If you are unsure of where in Wallingford to schedule, contact Emily directly.  We can discuss your condition and needs as well as availability of days and times.

Coaching, Spiritual and Wellness Mentorship, Shamanic Healing, and Ceremonies

To book a mentoring session, healing session, or specific ceremony, please email or call Emily: (952) 356-6936.

Days for In-person Sessions

Monday and Friday, by appointment.  Wednesday and Friday afternoons for acupuncture sessions at Natural Rhythms Integrative Medicine.