Shamanic Medicine

Shamanism refers to cross-cultural indigenous medicine and ancient healing practices that bridge the seen and unseen world.  In her book Walking in Light, Sandra Ingerman refers to shamanic practitioners as individuals that radiate a light that uplifts.  This reference had deep resonance for me when I read it.  The heart of the work I do is to uplift.  The Services below help individuals at different points on their life path, each with the intention to help usher in a renewed sense of insight and strength that is in alignment and supports their life purpose and destiny.

I am honored to offer the following cross-cultural indigenous medicine for clients:

Shamanic Medicine at Aum Holistic Healing ArtsCord Cuttings

When you feel a person, place, or thing is making you feel drained it is likely you have an energetic cord lingering.  Feeling wound up in someone else’s issues or not able to let go of a past experience, are indicators of energetic cords that need to be cut.  Cutting cords helps not only break cords, but also do honorable closure, and allow relationships with people, places, and things to be healthy and in ‘right relationship’.  Cord cuttings can also serve to re-establish healthy boundaries pertaining to a current relationship with a loved one.

Intuitive “Heart walks”

Many indigenous traditions consider the heart to be the seat of the Soul.  Another way to look at this is that the ‘Truth’ lies in our heart.  Intuitive ‘heart walks’ are a wonderful way to establish a connection with your heart that can help clarify your vision and offer unique insight and a sense of guidance on your life path.  Connecting with our heart humbly invites us to align our thoughts, words, and actions with our heart’s guidance and deepest desire.

Soul Retrieval

To feel more whole and complete in body, mind, and spirit. Soul retrieval is a healing arts that calls missing parts of our self, our Soul, back home.  Soul retrieval helps us feel more complete and better equipped to pursue our destiny, our life calling.  Soul loss often occurs during periods of trauma to varying degrees.  This might include a concussion or other serious bodily injury; surgery; a car accident; physical, mental, or emotional abuse; being on active duty.  Soul loss can also occur to varying degrees after significant loss such as the death of a loved one or experiencing an environmental disaster. Sometimes we are aware of the incidents that lead to the sense of missing a piece of our self.  Sometimes we simply feel that something is absent or not quite ‘right’ in our way of being and our life.  A practitioner trained in Soul Retrieval can help retrieve lost parts of our self that enable a deep and powerful form of healing.

House and Business Blessings

A house blessing ceremony is a way to wipe the glass clean.  House blessings can be beneficial when moving into a new home; trying to sell a home; after a significant break-up, trauma, or death in the home; or if you sense any form of negative energy in the home.  Each home is a special structure.  We typically think of the physical qualities of a home.  There are also energetic attributes of a home in the form of energetic imprints and memories of what has occurred in the space previously, things left behind intentionally or unintentionally by both occupants and visitors of the space.  A house blessing ceremony clears away old energetic imprints and infuses the space with positive intentions and visions of its current occupants.  This ceremony can also benefit small business owners who work out of their home!  The same principles can also be applied to businesses – clearing the space of old energy and clearly setting intentions for the current business occupying the space.