We are so grateful for the support that we’ve received over the years. Here are a few kind words from our clients.

“Emily is a wonderful practitioner. Her presence is calm and centering. I appreciate her unique approach to mentoring and coaching, and I look forward to incorporating her insights and suggestions into my personal and professional life.”

—P.B., Washington

“It is a magnificent journey we're on, and you, as a spiritual teacher, have brought love and light to it… Immense love and blessings to you.”
—D.M., Iowa
“Emily, thank you so much for everything you did for us. We have been communicating and have been having a great year. I am trying to meditate and keep that positive thinking. I am taking in compliments and not trying to be such a people pleaser. My husband has made some changes also. Thanks again and I wish you lots of peace and love.”
—H.D., Minnesota
“I’ve been blessed to do spiritual work with Emily for the past six years. I often come to her when I am in an emotionally wrought state when I feel very vulnerable. Incredibly, Emily is able to be both extraordinarily gentle in these moments as well as honest, bold and creative to help me uncover deep insights into the situation and light a path forward. The solutions we craft together through ritual, meditation and conversation always, without fail, serve to propel me towards the best version of myself. I am deeply grateful for our work and recommend her as a powerful mentor particularly adept at creating the safety necessary for deep personal work.``

—S.S., Kentucky