Emily Paul, EAMP, L.Ac

Meet Emily

Emily Paul. Photo by Dani McDonough Photography (2019)

While living in Sri Lanka I started working with a holistic healer. I sought her services for symptoms of significant fatigue, on-going headaches and migraines, anxiety, and menstrual related issues.

When we started working together it had been 13 years since I had brain surgery. As she worked on me, she noticed that the energetic flow of my body seemed to stop at my hips where instead of continuing down my legs, energy shot outwards away from my physical body. This meant there was no continuous energetic cycle flowing through my body and there was nothing “grounding” me.

At the time I did not have much knowledge of energetic healing, and yet everything she said seemed to not only make sense but also helped me understand the challenges I had experienced thus far in my healing journey. As she helped to reset the flow of energy in my body, I could feel the shift.  It’s hard to describe how something I didn’t realize was ‘broken’ all of a sudden felt ‘fixed’. I will never forget that feeling of sensing, for the first time, the energetic circuit of my body flowing with continuity and strength—it was beyond words but seemed to be present in every cell of my body!

I remember her saying that if only I could have been treated with energetic healing modalities shortly after my operation, my healing process would have been much different and likely shorter. While I could not change what had passed, in that moment, I recognized that I wanted to help others so their healing process might be easier in some way. I guess this was the moment I subconsciously acknowledged my role as a healer. First, I committed wholeheartedly to my own healing journey and in hindsight, it seems the past decade of my life has been dedicated to the old adage, “healer, heal thyself.”

It was through my work with Srahi, the holistic healer, that I started regaining a sense of energy. It has been through my sincere dedication to Kriya Yoga meditation that I stopped having regular headaches, stopped having to wear glasses, was able to go off medication I was on for 14 years.

Since that afternoon at our house in Colombo, when Srahi helped me to experience energy and connect with my body in a new and profound way, everything I have done has been in the pursuit of healing through direct experience. I apply the tools and see how my body responds. How my mind shifts. How my spirit lifts and expands. I have found that direct experience allows me to trust the process of healing and wield my intuitive gifts and innate spiritual strength in a confident way to attain wholeness again. I believe this is true for others too.

“I believe in the curative power of western medicine and the healing power of indigenous medicine. It has been my experience that through application of indigenous and energetic medicine more deep and long lasting healing occurs. It is this aspect of medicine that enables us to truly embrace wholeness in the healing process.” – Emily

Each individual’s life and healing path is different and unique. Let us start the conversation and begin the path of transformative healing.

A fun studio capture (2019) by Dani McDonough Photography

Aum2014award_0037In December 2014, Emily was recognized by the Wallingford Chamber of Commerce for outstanding service to the Wallingford Chamber of Commerce.