Meet Emily


Emily Paul. Photo by Dani McDonough Photography (2019)

Moving from feeling stuck to living purposefully;

A life journey of claiming wholeness

At the time energetic healing was not something I was familiar with.  Yet everything the practitioner said helped make sense of the challenges I had experienced in my healing and life journey to date.  

The year was 2004 and I was living in Sri Lanka. 

 This was my first introduction to energetic healing and a turning point in my own life!

It’s hard to describe how something you didn’t realize was ‘broken’ suddenly feels ‘fixed’…

But that’s how I felt the first time I noticed the energy of my body flowing with strength!

This profound felt-experience showed me a new way to connect with my body.

And that led to further exploration of how to bring alive the body, mind, and heart connection.

Since then, I’ve been dedicated to learning and applying cross-cultural wisdom and integrative healing.

See, there is curative power in western medicine and healing power in indigenous medicine.

And I believe it is with application of cross-cultural wisdom and energetic medicine together…

That you experience healing that lasts. 

Each individual’s life and healing path is different.

You are unique!

Let’s start a conversation and strengthen your path to living more fully.

As a Coach, I’ve done a significant amount of personal development work!  My work with Emily has been the most impactful work I’ve ever done, and has far exceeded my expectations…I’ve learned how to listen to my body on a deeper level and approach my health from a place of ease, and most importantly, I’ve learned how to trust myself and my abilities and lean into my own intuition.