Meet Emily

Emily celebrating nature on a birthday hike (2022).

Emily in one of her favorite activities, celebrating time in nature. A self-captured image (2022).

“For those who have not felt fully seen, understood, or acknowledged in their families, work, or the world –

It’s a big deal to experience a shift of awareness and start to recognize that their healing journey is a gift of life…

And to be able to say,

‘I am proud of myself…'” 

– Emily Paul

This trend among my clients is simply awesome to witness.

So, as I share with you more about myself here, why not begin with a few of my own:

  • Defining my own path.  Moving out of home, with my parents’ support, when I was 17 in order to complete my senior year of high school where I was, while my parents and two younger brothers moved a seven hour drive north.

  • Living outside the box.  Defining my own identity over and over again. Including coming out as a same-sex loving person in my 20’s and being told to my face, and behind my back,  I was going to hell; then becoming an international human rights advocate for LGBTIQ and women’s issues; and later experiencing a ‘reversed coming out’ when I entered a relationship with a man.  Now, I choose not to label my love.

  • Thriving in diversity.  Presented with the option of a teaching career that offered a salary and benefits in my early twenties, I chose instead to listen to my heart, follow my passion, and step into the unknown;  inspired by love and service, I moved to Jamaica.  Later spending time in Sri Lanka, before returning to the United States.  

  • Embracing authenticity.  Realizing why I had been dying my hair for a decade did not reflect the true me, I chose to gray naturally at age 35.  I lost count of how many times I’ve been complimented by people I encounter in the supermarket or on the street.  The last occurrence was at Theo Chocolate Factory in Seattle.  And it made me smile –  because it reflects an intentional choice to live in alignment with my true nature.   

Rather than letting health challenges, diagnosis, and perceived expectations from others define who I am, from an early age I committed to blazing my own path.  Working with clients who are perhaps struggling with similar challenges, inspires and motivates me to really be present, kind, patient. and heart centered.

If you are ready to explore new freedoms in your life story, let’s start a conversation.

As a Coach, I’ve done a significant amount of personal development work!  My work with Emily has been the most impactful work I’ve ever done, and has far exceeded my expectations…I’ve learned how to listen to my body on a deeper level and approach my health from a place of ease, and most importantly, I’ve learned how to trust myself and my abilities and lean into my own intuition.