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When unresolved emotional trauma affects your healing…

You know those times when you experience tension in your low back, or perhaps your neck and shoulders, and the pain just won’t go away.  And THEN you notice it seems to get worse with the increased stress of your work.  

Or maybe it’s the relationship issues you’re having at home at the moment, it’s not quite clear.  

All you know is that you feel worse and the pain is not getting better.

In this scenario, perhaps you decide to reach out for help and go to see a health practitioner – maybe you even try a few different modalities like chiropractic, physical therapy, or working with a Naturopathic Doctor.  

You may have even worked with a therapist at some point, hoping that would help.  

But the pain still comes and goes.

You’ve been relieved each time you find you make progress and the pain is better.  

Whew.  Right?

But then you discover the relief is not lasting.  

And the pain comes back again… and again.  

You notice the treatments you seek for help are not able to offer lasting benefit.  

Can you at all relate?

When you find yourself in patterns like this, I can help.

See, unresolved or stuck emotional trauma and patterns may be impacting your body’s ability to heal.

Are You an Ideal Client for Acupuncture with Emily?

When you are choosing whether acupuncture is a good fit for you, it’s important to find a practitioner that you connect with.  

You might believe that acupuncture is just acupuncture.  And anyone you see will be a good fit.  

I remember, I used to believe this too!  

But, with experience and feedback from multiple clients, I have come to  understand that what I bring to the treatment room is very valuable.

More than one client has said over the years, something to the effect:

 “I’ve been to other acupuncturists.  But, acupuncture with you is different.”  

To understand whether we are a good partnership for your healing at this time, let’s connect!  

But first, see if one or more of these ring true for you:

  • You are committed to improving your health and well-being
  • You are dedicated to making positive change in your life
  • You see yourself as an active participant in your healing process
  • You like being part of a team
  • You appreciate looking at things through a big picture lens – and value a holistic perspective
  • You like to observe and troubleshoot patterns
  • You are willing to invest both time and money for your healing

Can Acupuncture Help?

Maybe someone you care about recommended acupuncture to help you feel better.  And you found yourself asking, curiously, “Can acupuncture help?”  

I’ve heard this expression so many times, usually accompanied by a slightly bewildered yet hopeful look.

The overarching answer is typically YES, that acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help.  

Acupuncture helps with a broad range of pain – be it mental, emotional, or physical.  And, what I’ve seen, is especially when there is a combination of psycho-spiritual-emotional and physical patterns.

A few conditions I have helped clients shift:

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Insomnia and trouble with sleep

  • Migraines

  • Headaches

  • Neck and shoulder pain

  • Low back pain

Scheduling Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with Emily:

In-person acupuncture sessions resumed June 2020, on a limited schedule.

RETURNING and NEW CLIENTS WELCOMETo schedule an in-person acupuncture and Chinese Medicine session with Emily, please email to set up an appointment (
Reaching out directly helps the ability to accommodate spacing in the schedule in alignment with Covid prevention.