Beyond the Blood Brain Barrier

Healing from Brain Surgery and Trauma

The blood brain barrier refers to endothelial cells that form a specific barrier to the brain. These cells are highly specialized for precision in filtering what substances enter or leave the brain.

brain imagesThe title “Beyond the Blood Brain Barrier” encompasses my strong desire to work with individuals who, like myself, have had brain surgery. To me, the title offers a way to recognize the important healing work the body does on its own every day while also serving as a reminder of the importance to reach beyond physiological barriers to strengthen and expand into energetic and spiritual arenas of healing.   Creating this healing bridge between the tangible/measurable/physiological and intangible/immeasurable/energetic/spiritual is the healing work I am committed to integrating in the work I do with clients. I have arrived at this point through my own healing journey, which I share at the bottom of this page.

Unique Integrative 5-month Program

One way of supporting clients with an integrative approach to healing is through my 5-month program intentionally designed to couple individualized healing sessions with customized one-on-one mentorship, which serves as a pivotal point for both personal healing and growth. The program provides a unique platform for gleaning insight about who you really are, fostering awareness and facilitating long-term change through customized healing and strategies.

Healing sessions include a combination of spiritual wellness mentoring, shamanic, and energetic healing. During spiritual wellness mentoring, I will help you to identify your core beliefs and what you connect to in a higher power, be it God, nature, or something else. Together, we will work on deepening your connection to that higher power. Spiritual wellness mentoring also serves to identify what is holding you back from living the life you want, and provide creative solutions to implement for moving forward to fully embrace your life. Shamanic and energetic healing connects the seen with the unseen, the visible with the invisible. Through a variety of different rituals and ceremonies—including cord cutting, removal of negative or unnecessary energy, heart walks, meditation journey work—I will help you connect with the energy within you and around you, and where necessary, to clear the energy to ensure you are supported in the most positive way as you step fully into the life you envision. Read more on shamanic healing.

Specifically, the program includes 10 individual customized sessions over a 5-month period, including one in-person session per month and one session via phone or Skype. Clients outside of Seattle will receive two sessions via phone or Skype each month. In addition, the program includes unlimited phone and email support during the 5-month period.

For more information or to set up a complimentary 30-minute consultation to determine whether the program is a good fit for you, please contact Emily Paul via email or phone: (952) 356-6936.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

For clients residing in and around Seattle, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine may offer an additional source of support on your healing path. Acupuncture compliments Western medicine and other alternative medicine beautifully! Please call if you are curious how acupuncture might support you.  Read more about Acupuncture services.

Emily’s Story

While I was living in Sri Lanka, I started working with a holistic healer. I sought her services for symptoms of significant fatigue, ongoing headaches and migraines, anxiety, and menstrual-related issues. When we started working together, it had been 13 years since I had brain surgery. As she worked on me, she noticed that the energetic flow of my body seemed to stop at my hips where instead of continuing down my legs, energy shot outwards away from my physical body. This meant there was not a continuous energetic cycle flowing through my body and there was nothing really “grounding” me. At the time, I did not have much knowledge of energetic healing, and yet everything she said seemed to not only make sense but also helped me understand the challenges I had experienced thus far in my healing journey. As she helped to reset the flow of energy in my body, I could feel the shift. It’s hard to describe how something you didn’t realize was “broken” all of a sudden feels “fixed”. I will never forget that feeling of sensing, for the first time, the energetic circuit of my body flowing with continuity and strength—it was beyond words but seemed to be present in every cell of my body!

I remember her saying that if only I could have been treated with energetic healing modalities shortly after my operation, my healing process would have been much different and likely shorter. While I could not change what had passed, in that moment, I recognized that I wanted to help others so that their healing process might be easier in some way. This was the moment I subconsciously acknowledged my role as a healer. First, I committed wholeheartedly to my own healing journey and in hindsight, it seems the past decade of my life has been dedicated to the old adage, “Healer, heal thyself.”  My journey continues to be enriched in a multitude of ways as I dive deeper into my connection with my heart and the true intersection of body, mind, and Spirit.

It was through my work with Srahi, the holistic healer, that I started regaining a sense of energy. It has been through my sincere dedication to Kriya Yoga meditation that I stopped having regular headaches, stopped needing to wear glasses, was able to go off medication I was on for 14 years, and made significant life changes to support my emerging path as a healer. One of those changes was to study Thai massage in Thailand. Another, subsequently, was returning to the United States to obtain my Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. It is through this ancient healing art that I have been able to connect more deeply with how the body, mind, and Spirit interrelate. Further studies of shamanic and indigenous medicine brought the missing pieces together, providing tools to help heal on multiple levels—engaging both that which is seen and unseen.

Since that afternoon in our house in Colombo, when Srahi helped me to experience energy in a new and profound way, everything I have done has been in the pursuit of healing through direct experience. I apply the tools and see how my body responds … how my mind shifts … how my spirit lifts and expands. Direct experience allows us to trust the process of healing and wield our intuitive gifts and innate spiritual strength in a confident way to attain wholeness again. My commitment to my own journey continues while I support others on their journey.

Update October 2016

I recently found a letter I had written my neurologist in 2007 after going off medication I had been on for 14 years. In it, I talk about the intention I had set to do so two years earlier and the tremendous benefit of daily meditation and regular sessions with a holistic healer that enabled me to realize my goal. I also mentioned the changes I noticed as a result of getting to know my body and its functioning without the assistance of medication stating, “While I curse the process some days, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to get to know an entirely new body and its functioning. Internally and externally I have witnessed changes…” Rereading this letter reminded me of the subtle and not so subtle nuances of healing. More importantly, it reminded me why I am passionate about a holistic approach to healing.

If you feel you may benefit from an integrated approach to health and healing, please feel free to contact me, and we can determine in what way I might optimally support you at this time. Those in the Seattle area have the option for in-person sessions. However, I also offer my services via phone and Skype, and I welcome supporting individuals across the United States and internationally.


Disclaimer—I have shared aspects of my experience to highlight the significance of incorporating holistic healing approaches in my own journey toward greater health and well-being. Any decisions to go off or alter medication are best supervised by your neurologist or another health care practitioner.