Ceremonies and Rituals

Why Create an Individualized Ceremony?


  • honors and that which is sacred to us
  • celebrates that which has deep heart and meaning in our lives.
  • commemorate significant milestones on our life path

Each ceremony is unique in nature, curtailed to honor the intention, vision, and important spiritual tradition(s) of the client.

Creating a ceremony that truly reflects the individual, couple, or community and their vision for their special celebration is truly an honor and a deep joy!

Ceremonies and Rituals at Aum Holistic Healing ArtsI am honored to offer the following ceremonies at this time.



This ceremony celebrates the significant milestone of becoming an elder. It provides an opportunity for an elder to share the wisdom they have gained through life experience as well as their hope and vision for the future. It invites clarity and commitment to continue their contributions during their wisdom years. This ceremony commemorates and honors individuals age 60 years or older.


Weddings and commitment ceremonies are a ritualized process of acknowledging the sacred commitment of two individuals to enter the gateway of a shared life. This ceremony celebrates the foundation and commitments to a sacred love and partnership. It also blends ancestoral and spiritual traditions as well as family lineages to help support and guide the couple in their life journey together. I welcome multi-cultural and interfaith ceremonies, weaving together the foundation of what is most meaningful for the couple. I believe in marriage equality and have experience facilitating ceremony of a same sex couple.