FAQs Intentional Mother Daughter Relationships

Some questions regularly surface about the weekend journey toward INTENTIONAL MOTHER DAUGHTER RELATIONSHIPS.  

Here are some FAQs…

What if my mother is already on another plane (transitioned/passed away)?  Can I still attend the workshop?

YES!  Relationship work can happen at any stage.  Learning to understand yourself better often helps to understand your relationship with your mother.  It is possible for you to gain new insight on your relationship even after she has transitioned from her Earthly body.

We’ve had many participants who’s mother is not on this plane mention significant healing from the workshop experience.

I am interested in attending, but my mother lives out of state and is not able to attend.

You are welcome to attend on your own.  Often the healing we seek in a relationship happens first with us, as an individual.  Sometimes it happens when both people are present.  Perhaps your mother will be able to join you in future, and perhaps not.  Everything has its own timing.

If you feel you are ready for this work, now is the time.

I feel scared to attend the workshop.

If you are scared or nervous, that can be a good indication that the workshop would be beneficial.  It might seem contrary, but sometimes we have feelings of fear or nervousness when we are touching a raw place in our personal development and self-growth.  If you feel scared, notice how you feel and then ask yourself where the fear originates.  What would happen if you looked that fear in the face and took right action?  Might the workshop support you in breaking through the fear?

I have a good relationship with my mom already.

GREAT!  What would it be like to deepen in your relationship with your mom?  What would it be like to have additional tools for communicating in a positive way?  Might another framework offer additional understanding of one another and the journey you share?  How might this opportunity stand to enhance your relationship?

Is it possible ‘good’ could get ‘better’?

My daughter left this life before me.  Can I still benefit from the workshop?

If you seek healing, and exploration of another way to view your relationship with your daughter, and with life, this workshop is for you.

Grief is a unique entity and one we do not always give adequate space and time for in Western culture.  Having support and tools for working with grief are important.

The workshop offers a place of support and can help develop additional tools.  These tools can be used in conjunction with other support such as therapy, holistic healing modalities, and community.


The first video we created, for the May 2019 weekend offers more insight: