Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

In-person acupuncture sessions resumed as of June 2020, on a limited schedule.


To schedule an in-person acupuncture and Chinese Medicine session with Emily, please phone or email to set up an appointment. Reaching out directly helps the ability to accommodate spacing in the schedule that support precautions in prevention of Coronavirus. For those of you that typically prefer to schedule online, thank you in advance for your understanding.

Address is 928 NW Leary Way, Suite 203, Seattle, WA 98107

Energetic Healing Sessions and Coaching/Mentorship

Please reach out to Emily directly via phone or email to schedule an introductory Discovery Call to see what path may optimally support you and your desired results at this time.


To schedule a specific ceremony with Emily, please reach out directly via email or phone.

It is an honor and a pleasure to support your healing and life journey.

Thank you for choosing Aum Holistic Healing Arts!