Self-Care Odyssey

Self-Care as an Expression of Self-Love; Strengthening the Path to Living Fully

Self-Care is a powerful foundation to health and well-being.  

Yet, self-care is one of the first things we often let go or override in the wake of navigating life’s demands.  For many of us there is an old familial or cultural pattern that suggests self-sacrifice or self-abandonment is alright, and even expected.  Tuning in to what we need to function optimally, as an individual, can often be delayed decades in this cycle.  Unraveling old patterns to give way to new patterns is in itself a process of deep growth.

How might we engage life more fully understanding our unique needs for self-care?

Identifying and solidifying ways to strengthen self-care enables us to better connect with the world from a place of power and sufficiency.  When we are clear on what is important to our self-care regiment, we can tend to ourselves and be better equipped to flow with challenges and obstacles, whether at home or at work. We are also better equipped to connect with and enjoy the sweet moments life affords.

How do we make this change in our life?  Being able to wave a magic wand seems like a wonderful option.  However, it’s not a real or lasting option.  Being able to roll up our sleeves, get real, explore, and practice is what leads to self-care that aligns with our core values and withstands the test of time.  

Choosing to honor our individual needs to support greater health and well-being naturally beckons an opportunity for deepening self-love.  For many of us, this can feel like uncharted territory.

Self-Care and self-love are keys to living fully, engaging the life we want.

Join me for an 8 week Odyssey of discovery and growth.  Identify your key ingredients to self-care.  Begin implementing a path of self-care that is beneficial to your health and well-being and invites you to tap into the rich wellspring of self-love.

The Benefit of being a part of a facilitated group exploration:

Let’s face it, there are countless self help books available on subjects related to self-care.  In my own journey of discovering and fine-tuning self-care and working with clients for over 2 decades to hone their insight and define their own unique path, I have found guidance and group support key factors in implementing long term change.  Self help books are a wonderful resource, but when we’re ready to make the big shift we desire, it’s often longer lasting with support.  

Are you ready for lasting change? Are you ready to walk your talk? 

If so, this Odyssey is for you!

Schedule for the 8 week Odyssey:

The Odyssey consists of eight 1.5 hour group sessions online via the platform Zoom.  All times are Pacific Standard Time (PST).  Involvement from elsewhere in the United States as well as across the globe is most welcome.  If you reside outside of Pacific Standard Time (PST) zone, please check how the timing aligns using a World Clock or Time Zone Converter.

Note – there will be one bonus session, at the end of the 8 weeks.

Tuesday, February 4th 6:30-8PM  PST

Tuesday, February 11th 6:30-8PM  PST

Tuesday, February 18th 6:30-8PM  PST

Tuesday, February 25th 6:30-8PM  PST

Tuesday, March 3rd 6:30-8PM  PST

Tuesday, March 10th 6:30-8PM  PST

Tuesday, March 17th 6:30-8PM  PST

Tuesday, March 24th 6:30-8PM  PST

Bonus session:

Tuesday, March 31st 6:30-8PM  PST

Investment for the 8 week Odyssey: 

Total investment is US$789.  This includes 8 weekly Zoom sessions (1.5 hours each) plus one bonus session (1.5 hours).

All registrations made with payment BEFORE January 1, 2019 will receive a 10% discount.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

To register, with payment: