Shamanic Medicine

Recent teachings enlivened and bridged the realms of science and spirituality for me, through the healing arts.

As a result I feel my practice shifting closer to what I have always envisioned.  It’s exciting to feel and witness this shift and even more special to see the direct benefit with clients!

Having trained for over a decade in cross cultural wisdom, as well as shamanic and indigenous medicine, I felt called to participate in an Advanced Cell Level Healing course with two esteemed teachers this summer. Stepping into these teachings brought forth a special weave connecting my own life experience and all I have studied previously.

Energetic Healing Sessions

The far reaching benefits of Energy Healing Sessions inspire me in so many ways!  I am continually humbled by the results clients have reported – most notably the deep sense of peace they feel during and after the session and the impact this has on their health and well-being.

For this reason, I am excited to officially make available this expanded level of healing to clients both near and far.

I am particularly called to support clients with:

– anxiety,

– depression,


– stress

Often these are layers that accompany, shroud, or even fuel physical pain and illness.  Sometimes they emerge from prolonged periods of pain.  When we’re able to release the psycho-spiritual-emotional layers, the body has more resources for healing and well-being.

Energy healing sessions are available via phone and web, as well as in person. This fulfills a vision I have held for several decades – of being able to work with people near and far on their healing journey.

If you have questions about how energy healing might benefit you or someone you love, please reach out!  I strongly believe in this medicine and look forward to sharing it!

Shamanic Medicine at Aum Holistic Healing Arts

Shamanism refers to cross-cultural indigenous medicine and ancient healing practices that bridge the seen and unseen world.

In her book Walking in Light, Sandra Ingerman refers to shamanic practitioners as individuals that radiate a light that uplifts.  This reference has deep resonance for me.

The ESSENCE of everything I offer is to UPLIFT.