Testimonials Intentional Mother Daughter Relationships


Intentional Mother Daughter Relationships:

An Experience of Authentic Connection

Weekend Workshop

Seattle, WA

“The most powerful, transformative, courageous experience I can think of in my entire life.  The facilitators and modalities flowed together so naturally and smoothly.  Remarkable healing has started and I am grateful this space and experience was created.” – Jenny (Washington)

“When you are ready to look at self and relationships, Emily, Erin, and Kathy provide the environment to grow.”   With an additional notation, “Perfect.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”  – Linda (Iowa)

“I witnessed and experienced true magic between the three facilitators/leaders of this retreat.  The lessons were taught by brilliant women and lovingly received by a very special group of participants.  I’m ever grateful for this weekend.” – Beverly (Washington)

“I walked away from the Intentional Mother Daughter Relationship weekend a revitalized changed person.  From the first session, I felt that anything I was willing to open up and share of myself would be protected and safe.  I learned so much about my own personality, about how to communicate with others with different personalities, how to have frank and honest conversations without becoming defensive and realizing that our intentions in conversation do not always equal the impact.  Lastly, I realized in a very powerful way that forgiveness of oneself and of others is the most freeing gift that we can give ourself.  The three presenters gave us tools to use in daily conversation that were invaluable.    This was life-changing for me and I would recommend it to every mother, daughter, sister, father, brother, son. It is that important as a gift to yourself.”  – Teresa (Minnesota)