Below are some testimonials from the Odyssey:

“I have struggled with self-esteem for many years, and each year, I questioned my skills and self-worth even more.  The Odyssey sessions opened me up to once again believing that  I am worthy.  Emily has a beautiful way of exploring in a non-threatening way and finding the nuggets of self-worth in me that have been buried.  She helped me to understand that what is beautiful in me is worth fighting for, and that means accepting me as me at this moment and yet continuing to seek “a more perfect union” of the existing me with the me I want to be in the future.  Emily offers a good sounding board, and yet gently nudged me to see, understand and accept myself more clearly.  As I experience more clarity in myself, I can offer a better self to others.  I am VERY thankful for the guidance I have received in this endeavor from the Odyssey journey with Emily.” 

-Teresa (Minnesota)

“I found the Odyssey to be a journey that deepened and expanded what already existed inside me. It allowed me to explore the areas I was resisting, so that I could have some real conversation with myself and step more fully into my own journey. Emily is a gem, and a special human to work with. Her wisdom and gentle enthusiasm are such a support in navigating wherever you are at!” 

-Amanda (Washington) 

“I have worked with Emily in the past and she has helped me with tools how to look at ways to move forward. This class provided me with more tools, others that had similar mind sets and a comfort level I never thought I would get to. Emily is kind, caring, emotionally connected and invested in training how to shift and transform your mindset. The calmness, peace and prosperity she provides is uplifting, and spiritual. She genuinely cares about your success in what you want to accomplish. Transformation healing. She has blessed me the gift of peace and calm in the chaotic world we live in.” 

-Hayley (Minnesota)

Emily has crafted a powerful and joyful combination of self-reflection tools, meaningful group dialogue and one-on-one sessions that completely revitalized me. As a result of this course I transitioned from intellectually thinking that self-care is important to spiritually knowing the vital role of self-care in my life. I will be forever grateful for these 9 weeks as a time that helped me deepen my commitment to the practices I already loved and adding several new and absolutely wonderful tools too.

-Stacie (Kentucky) 

“It has been a treasured experience being a part of this group. I am comfortable with my purpose as an elder. I feel grounded and connected. The gifts I received in this process will continue to aid life’s journey.Thank you for walking this path with me. Much love and appreciation.”

Donna (Washington)