To help connect individuals with the Truth that lies in their heart.

So they can optimize their opportunity to fulfill their life vision and purpose… 

Embracing greater peace, love, joy, health and well-being in their lives.  

And to support communities to foster a heart-centered approach to their collective work and life experience.

Meaning of the word Aum

Aum is often referred to as om in western culture.

Aum is a powerful mantra… a sacred symbol.

Aum is a vibration that calls us home to our inner-most Being –  to our Soul.

It reminds us of our interconnectivity with the Divine and everything in the Universe.

Ancient Hindu philosophical belief says everything in the Universe began from this mystical seed sound.

The True Celebration: YOU

We are each Divinely embodied Beings walking a sacred path.  

Diversity and authentic heart-centered individual expression are supported at Aum Holistic Healing Arts.

In this space, You are welcome and encouraged to be YOU!

Our work together enables you to more fully embrace and express who you are in a good, true, and beautiful way.  

Whatever your race, color, religion, spiritual faith, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or level of ability…

You are a beautiful bright spark in this world and your presence is a gift to behold.