Energetic Healing


Benefits from Energetic Healing Sessions

I am continually humbled by the results clients have reported, most notably:

  • a deep sense of peace during and after the session
  • unexpected insights that surface
  • awareness of a connection with ancestors and allies
  • mental clarity
  • a lasting impact on emotional states
  • improved physical health
  • a significant shift in overall well-being

For this reason, I am excited to offer this expanded level of healing to clients both near and far.

Overcome Challenges with Energetic Healing

Are you experiencing:

  • grief
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • PTSD / patterns of trauma
  • stress
  • a sense of feeling ‘stuck’

You may have experienced these as a recent phenomenon, but chances are you have been dancing with them off and on most of your life.

That old ‘familiar feeling’ that just won’t go away… the feeling that surfaces in the most inopportune ways and can totally stall or derail your forward momentum.

You may have noticed that some of what you’re experiencing is connected to familial or cultural patterns that you are acting out. Perhaps you have benefitted from working with a therapist or life coach and made progress, but find you are unable to maintain the benefits for as long as you’d like.

You may have experienced the all too real way these layers accompany, shroud, and even fuel physical pain and illness – poor sleep, racing mind, tense muscles, headaches, digestive issues… it has shown up in some form in the body. 

Maybe you’ve realized that there’s a price to pay for decades of stifling emotions and now need help releasing them.

Have you hit the point that you are tired of being engaged in this dance and are looking for a new rhythm to move to?

I can help.

When we’re able to release and transform dysfunction in the psycho-spiritual-emotional layers, the body has more resources for healing and well-being.

Three ducks amidst Autumn hues reflected on Greenlake. Photo by Emily Paul.

Energetic Healing Sessions – Near and Far

While you might have to experience it to believe it, distance and remote work can be just as effective as in-person work!

Energetic Healing Sessions are available:

  • via phone
  • web
  • in person

This fulfills a vision I have held for several decades – of being able to work with people near and far on their healing journey.

If you have questions about how energy healing might benefit you or someone you love, please reach out!  

I strongly believe in this medicine and look forward to sharing it!

The far reaching benefits of Energetic Healing Sessions inspire me in so many ways!