Energetic Healing

“Holy.  Magical. Indescribable.”  

These three words came from a very articulate, intelligent and successful woman 

Describing recent coaching integrated with energetic healing work we’ve done. 

Releasing deep layers of old stagnant energy in which she felt stuck

She was dumbfounded yet profoundly grateful.

And as she tried to put words to the work,  I smiled.  Really big.

See, beyond words there is an unseen world that is real and alive.  

And indeed, it is holy, magical, and indescribable.

Energetic healing brings us back to our true nature and the sacred space that defies words.

And this potent healing is under utilized. 

We are each energetic beings.  Full stop.

Radiant, vibrant, dynamic beings.

We’re often out of touch with this dimension of who we are.

So, when you are ready to experience the world in a new way

And you’re feeling stuck or limited

Reacquainting and befriending this part of your true nature can be a game changer.

Energetic healing offers a gateway to living your best life!

Sunset in Northern California. A reminder of our dynamic true nature
Sunset over the hills in Northern California. A reminder of our dynamic true nature.

“Energetic integrative healing worked for me. Dealing with recent hypertension and increased blood pressure readings raised my concern level. My western doctor was recommending lifelong medications. I didn’t want to do that. I preferred eastern options to adding meds to my daily routine. So, I reached out to Emily. During one hour phone sessions, Emily’s skills produced a return to normal blood pressure and reduced my muscle tension. She is so knowledgeable, calming, and insightful in tailoring the sessions to my issues. As a previous skeptic, I am now eager to continue to age with grace and health support. I have full confidence in Emily’s abilities and philosophy to ease my path. Once a skeptic - now a believer.”

Craig (Minnesota)