Nests in Trees and Life

Aum Holistic Healing Arts on Nests in Trees and LifeHaving grown up on a lake and spent several years as a dedicated synchronized swimmer, I find that swimming is like a “reset” button for my body. A recent commitment I made to myself for self-care includes a weekly trip to the local swimming pool. The bonus is that I get to walk past Green Lake, a beautiful lake near my home, en route to the pool.

I cherish each visit to Green Lake–an opportunity to be near the water. I appreciate watching the trees transform through the seasons and the unique movements of wildlife that both visit and live around the lake. It feels like the lake itself, plus each tree and animal, has a story. The way the water merges with both the sky and the land creates a beautiful backdrop that enhances and sometimes alters the stories. Each integrates in a way that is specific to the moment. This configuration always inspires me to think about and embrace my own story in a new way.

Last week, this birch tree caused me to pause in my walk toward the pool. It captured my attention as I walked by. Truth be told, it beckoned me to retrace a few steps in order to fully pause and observe its beauty. The graceful ethereal-like quality of the bare branches silhouetted in front of the blue sky and clouds spoke to my heart.

As I noticed the nest being held tenderly by the tree, an even bigger smile graced my face. I found myself reflecting on the ways I am holding and tending to the most prominent nests in my own life at the moment—myself and my practice. I thought about the ways I am supporting myself to deepen in my own healing journey at this time. I reflected on the steps I am taking to build my practice, to deepen the sphere of offerings that supports clients on their healing journey. This made me feel excited and inspired.

I am so grateful for the gifts of nature and the insight rendered from this specific view of the birch tree!

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