Tea with Anita Moorjani

Emily following Tea/Workshop with Anita Moorjani. Seattle. April 2017.

I was fortunate to attend a tea and workshop with inspiring author and speaker Anita Moorjani in April.  Her visit to Seattle was part of a tour promoting her book, What if This is Heaven?  How our Cultural Myths Prevent Us from Experiencing Heaven on Earth.

I was overjoyed to be in the audience and participate in her visit, to witness how she tells her story and how the audience responds.  It was powerfully captivating.  I was reminded while watching and experiencing this exchange, that true authenticity speaks directly from and to the heart.  There were men and women of all ages present and I believe everyone found at least one nugget of wisdom and insight to help them in a meaningful way on their healing and life journey.  Personally, I found myself reveling in the afternoon.  Anita has an amazing power of presence.  Her life story is rich, compelling, and full of incredible insight.  The authenticity and joy she brings to her life work and to the stage is truly inspiring.

I first heard about Anita five years ago when I was healing from a concussion.  A friend recommended her book, Dying to Be Me.  Unable to read at the time, I listened to the audio book which is powerfully read by Anita herself.  Hearing her words and her story in her own voice, I felt like she was with me, having a conversation.  To my total surprise, listening to her relay her Near Death Experience (NDE) and wisdom therein, ignited an important journey of reawakening to and remembering my own Near Death Experience.  I had, until that time, not been able to connect with my own experience.  There is a spiritual saying that everything happens in its own time.

It has taken five years since listening to her read her story for me to fully acknowledge my own experience and start to share.  Meeting Anita during her visit to Seattle felt like a celebration in this process of personal discovery, growth, and reclamation.  Attending the tea and workshop gave me a renewed sense of strength and courage to continue to explore and share my own story.

There were many take aways for me from our afternoon together at Seattle Unity.  One that seems to resonate particularly strong at the moment, which I put a circled start next to in my notes, was when Anita said, “It’s not my job to convince people, I only have to share my experience.”  She went on to say that it is important to allow yourself to be all you are meant to be and to shine your light brightly.  I am committed to doing that.  Thank you, Anita, for speaking your Truth and for leading by example.  May you continue to motivate and inspire others, like me, to do the same!

Although it has taken me three months to work up the courage to publish this post, I believe it is an important step in the direction of affirming, claiming, and stepping deeper into my own Truth.  My hope is that anyone reading this will also find ways to courageously speak your Truth and allow your light to shine.  Each of our experience is important not only to our individual story, but also to that of the collective.  I believe as we each align with our Truth it helps with our own healing as well as the healing of the Earth.

Everything in perfect timing.

Thank you for being a part of this shared journey!

I highly recommend both Dying to Be Me and What if This Is Heaven?   Superb insight, knowledge, and inspiration!  I also encourage you to attend a workshop, lecture, or retreat with Anita, if you feel called to do so.  I’d love to hear your experience!

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